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55 Plus Communities

Upon reaching a certain age, many older Americans prefer to be around others who have shared their life experiences. Senior apartment complexes provide ideal settings for seniors who want to live among other seniors. Some older adults move into senior apartment complexes after selling their longtime homes, while others become renters to escape the rigorous tasks of yard work and home repairs. Apartment life requires less labor and responsibility than home ownership; plus, apartment living can encourage social opportunities not present in many neighborhoods.


Research shows that most seniors prefer to live among others their own age, and senior apartments provide that opportunity. Unlike standard apartments which accept residents of all ages, senior apartment complexes follow federal housing guidelines that allow age restrictions for older residents. Some senior apartment complexes allow residents who are 55 and older, while other senior apartments set minimum age requirements of 62 years old. Living in these complexes, older Americans can live comfortably among their peers.

There are three types of senior apartments: market-rate apartments, luxury rentals and affordable apartments. Market rate apartments mirror the rental rates and styles of standard apartment complexes. Luxury rentals are designed to attract wealthy senior renters who are looking for second homes in addition to primary housing units; these units are much nicer and feature more unique construction and amenities. Affordable apartments are for seniors who cannot afford to pay rent at average market rates. However, affordable apartments are in short supply, especially as the number of people requiring financial aid continues to grow.

Senior apartments are for older adults who don't need any help in their day-to-day lives. Although it's possible for seniors who live in apartments to seek assistance from in-home caregivers, most seniors who require help seek boarding in independent living or residential care centers. People who live in apartments usually cook their own meals, do their own laundry and clean their own homes. Senior apartment living is no different.

Be sure to weigh your options carefully when evaluating senior apartment complexes. There are numerous senior apartments in cities across the country. Pay attention to factors such as stairs, the presence of interior railings and grab bars and whether complexes have on-site managers who can respond in emergency situations. Seniors may also be attracted to complexes with pools, spas, game rooms and other amenities.

St Joseph Senior Residence - Woodbridge

St Joseph Senior Residence offers Assisted Living, Senior Care in Woodbridge, NJ.
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St Josephs Senior Home - Woodbridge

St Josephs Senior Home offers Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing/Nursing Home Facilities Senior Care in Woodbridge, NJ.
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