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Active Senior Living Communities

Older adults often require assistance in their daily lives, but many seniors are independent enough to take care of their own needs. These older adults are prime candidates for active living communities, where seniors have access to healthcare resources while maintaining their active lifestyles. Active living communities are similar to traditional retirement homes, retirement centers and senior apartments. The defining characteristic of an active living community is an emphasis on healthy, physical activities such as biking, swimming, walking, tennis and golf.


Regular exercise is crucial for seniors to live long, healthy and comfortable lives. Activities such as walking, biking and hiking strengthen the heart, lungs and the body's muscular systems. There is also a strong social element in physical activity. Many active living communities offer exercise classes, walking groups and other social events where seniors can make friends while enjoying the benefits of physical fitness. Unfortunately, many seniors become isolated and lonely as they advance through old age. The opportunities presented in active living communities help to prevent feelings of isolation from occurring.

Active living communities offer several choices for living arrangements. Residents may live alone or with roommates, and they can often choose to reside in apartments, condominiums, cottages and bedroom-style units. These communities offer a neighborhood setting where residents develop relationships with seniors who live around them. In addition to the benefits of independent life, active living communities offer catered dinners, shopping trips and other events for residents to socialize and have fun. People who live in active living communities enjoy all the freedoms of living on their own; they also have the benefit of organized exercise and communal events. Active living communities may also offer living assistance to those residents who need it. It's common for seniors to require some help with cooking, cleaning and other day-to-day tasks. Older adults who live in active living communities don't need to move into assisted living centers when they reach the point of needing a helping hand. Some active living communities maintain their own landscaping, meal preparation and homecare services, while others contract with other companies to provide these important services. Residents also have access to free health education, nutritional information, medical screenings and more.

Costs for active living communities vary by each community's size and region. Residents of these communities can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per month for their homes.

St Joseph Senior Residence - Woodbridge

St Joseph Senior Residence offers Assisted Living, Senior Care in Woodbridge, NJ.
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St Josephs Senior Home - Woodbridge

St Josephs Senior Home offers Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing/Nursing Home Facilities Senior Care in Woodbridge, NJ.
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