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Independent Senior Living Communities

The retirement goals of older adults are changing. A growing number of seniors -- including many who lead active and unique lifestyles -- are choosing independent living as way to spend their golden years. Independent living communities are also referred to as retirement homes, retirement centers and senior apartments. Residents of these communities can live without assistance. Of all senior housing options, independent living facilities give unmatched flexibility in allowing seniors to live their own lives and manage their own needs.


Independent living communities have strong social elements. Rather than reside in hospital-style buildings, residents live in apartments, condominiums, cottages or bedroom units -- some even come fully furnished. Retirement communities are made specifically for older adults, which means residents of independent living centers will have plenty of neighbors of similar ages and experiences. Most independent living communities host numerous social events for their residents, including communal dinners, dances, golf outings and shopping trips. Residents of these communities join clubs, religious groups or exercise classes to make friends who share similar interests. Seniors who live alone often develop feelings of isolation, which can lead to psychological and emotional problems. Independent living communities prevent this by instilling strong feelings of companionship and belonging.

As people grow old, they often require some kind of assistance. Independent living communities offer enough additional services to allow many seniors to lead happy, comfortable lives. This includes full meal services, housekeeping and landscaping. For people who need further assistance, residents of independent living communities can work with outside providers to receive more intensive medical or custodial care. This level of versatility lets many seniors go about their lives without needing to check into assisted living communities or nursing homes.

Freedom is perhaps the biggest reason for moving into an independent living community. Residents of these communities enjoy broad visiting hours. They can come and go as they please, whether for an afternoon of golf or a weeklong vacation. Independent living communities also have staff and security measures to ensure the safety of their residents. In this setting, there is little need to worry about burglaries, robberies, thefts or other crimes.

Seniors today are more active and healthy than ever before. Advances in medical technology are helping people to live longer, more mobile lives. As long as this trend continues, independent living centers will become increasingly popular among adults who are considering their retirement options.

St Joseph Senior Residence - Woodbridge

St Joseph Senior Residence offers Assisted Living, Senior Care in Woodbridge, NJ.
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St Josephs Senior Home - Woodbridge

St Josephs Senior Home offers Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing/Nursing Home Facilities Senior Care in Woodbridge, NJ.
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